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PentoPix ai storyboard generator

Unlimited Updates 
and Iterations 

Updating the plot, scene or climax made easy without loosing time and money.

the Complex 

No more scouting and recruiting highly skilled illustrators, visual effect artists.  

No Special Skills Required

A no code approach to film making / video pre-production from your desktop.

Illustrators take 6 weeks to produce 1 minute of on-screen animation

Storyboards are critical for production planning & budgeting but is only drawn for key scenes.

Pre-production and Story Development take  50% of Film Making Time

Forest Gump  took 9 months. In comparison, the filming took 4.

Pre-visualisation costs an average $10,000/minute with team of illustrators.

A film is an average 90 - 130 mins long. Disney's Encanto was 90 mins & 28 sec.

84% of UK's film industry comes from inward investment and co-productions

While preproduction is dominated by work in silos

It's 3 to 5 years to create what you see on screen.

From script to the storyboard to final frame, an endless process. Filmmaking is only for the elite :(

Only about 3% of stories make it to the screens.

Only 8 - 10% of movies make profit.
It's not the story but poor planning and expensive pre-production process.

Traditional Video Production

It's S*** load of Money into the drains.

Movie making is a complex and elaborate

Say goodbye to expensive traditional video production

For Creatives, by Creatives

A fire camp under the moon light. 

AI assisted platform that empowers storytellers around the world

In animation, we often write the script, storyboard and produce at the same time. PentoPix helps us develop better stories much faster. We use it as the first step in plot exploration. Everyone on the team pitch in - it's so much easier to show what you mean than to spend time explaining it. 

Head of Animation  |  Imagine Studios

Our creativity went through the roof. And pitch success more than doubled. Now we can actually show the clients what we came up with. No long texts, storyboards, mood boards and cliparts. They can watch concepts before they get produced. So we get more business while spending less. 

Cannes Gold Lion  |  Head of Creative, WPP  

PentoPix allows us to use video for situations we do not normally have resources for. So far, it has been used for story development, fundraising and marketing. 

Academy Award  |  Film Director


What Our Clients Are Saying

A Better Way to Tell Your Story

PentoPix turns text into animated 3D storyboards.

Watch your story unfold, spot any inconsistencies, market your film and optimise production.

AI assisted video creation platform.
Automagically turn a Script to Storyboard to 3D Visualisation.

Video production from text in minutes.

Hundreds of creatives and agencies signed up to create animated storyboards,
saving up to 80% of their time and budget.

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